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Seven Breakfasts

Title: Seven Breakfasts
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Length/Rating: ~ 3250/ PG (mention of drug use)
Summary: Sometimes a meal is the easiest thing that can be shared between two people.

1. Poached eggs with pancetta and tomatoes - 2011

Chris wakes to the sound of laughter and the rich scent of coffee.  The other side of the bed is empty and cool, but there’s a neon pink Post-It on the second pillow telling him to come downstairs when he’s ready.

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Accompanied Lightning

Title: Accompanied Lightning
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Length/Rating: ~800 / PG-13-ish? Maybe?
Summary: A spring storm wakes Darren in the early morning hours.

The clock on the nightstand ticks past 3:04am as Darren’s eyes flutter and then open.  The ceiling is dark above him.  Outside, thunder rumbles off in the distance, low and deep in the night, soothing.  A pause and then near silence.  Darren’s lips part.  A pale burst of lightning flashes, illuminating the bedroom in white despite the curtains.  He blinks slowly, and his eyes almost stay closed.  He takes a slow breath, wavers on the edge of sleep.  A sharp crack of thunder draws him back.

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Paring: Anderbros
Rating/Length: PG / ~800
Summary: Cooper says a bad word in front of bb Blainers.

(Now with an achingly adorable drawing of Coop, Oop, and Blaine by Katie.)

Cooper slams the front door shut and doesn’t care that the force of it knocks a few pictures on the wall askew.  He kicks off his boots, dumps his school bag on the floor, throws his jacket on top, and leaves the whole sodden mess in a desultory heap in the foyer.  When he gets home that evening, Father will probably yell at him to clean up his mess.  But until then, Cooper doesn’t care.  He lost the lead in Romeo and Juliet to Tommy Can’t-Act-For-Shit Rodgers and then he had to walk home in an absolute downpour.

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If I Profane

anon prompt - klaine swearing

Title: If I Profane
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Rating/Length: PG / ~1480

Kurt really sort of loves Dalton. He loves the rich wood and the smooth marble, the expensive upholstery and the just-shy-of-gaudy chandeliers. He loves how the classrooms are neat and tidy and the bathroom are always clean. He loves how none of the windows are ever broken and the walls never stained with graffiti. But it’s not just the building that’s captured him – it’s the things that lie in between.

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How To Train a Darren

CC- Brian babysitting prompt

Pairing: CrissColfer
Length/Rating: ~860/ PG for swearing and bodily functions
Summary: Darren is not Brian’s favorite person.

The first day is a little rough. Brian hisses at him when Darren walks through the front door of Chris’ place, swats at his ankle, and then promptly scampers upstairs to hide under the bed.

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Eyes on You

Pairing: CrissColfer
Length/Rating: ~850/PG
Summary: Darren’s only got eyes for one.

He’s not supposed to be there; he’s never supposed to be there.  But that doesn’t stop Darren from showing up at the NYADA set once again.  He’s got the day, well, the afternoon off, and nowhere else he’d rather be.  At least this time he has the excuse of Joey and Tessa being there; he can get away with this a little easier than usual.

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All The Things We Said

Pairing: Chris/Darren
Length/Rating: ~1500/PG-13 for language
Summary: Darren and Chris lose their tempers and then almost lose each other.

A/N: Ok, so I wrote this right after the SAGs, before this prompt, but I wasn’t going to post it. Actually, it was a series of texts to Katie, who bears the brunt of my feels most of the time, hence its slight stylistic difference. It doesn’t quite match your prompt, but take from it what you will.

Somewhere between putting on the tux and getting in the car with Joey, Darren pulls the chain that is almost constantly around his neck over his head and sets it, and the ring dangling from it, on the bedroom dresser.

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Moving to the Night

Pairing: Chris/Darren
Rating/Length: PG-13 / ~970
Summary: Chris and Darren escape the world for a dance.

The sweat is sliding down Darren’s neck, between his shoulder blades, and pooling in the small of his back. He’s hot all over and he can’t seem to quite catch his breath. The air is thick and humid with the heat of hundreds of writhing bodies and it catches in his throat before he swallows it down. It tastes like smoke and sex. It tastes like a few moments of freedom.

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Turn the Page

Title: Turn the Page
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Rating/Length: G / ~530
Summary: Listen Up tour!fic. Darren has a long night on the road between shows, but he has a few mementoes to help him through

It’s gone past 2am somewhere on I-65 between Tennessee and Indiana and Darren can’t sleep.

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Title: Postscript
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Length/Rating: ~2100 / G
Summary: Darren picks up a habit of leaving Chris little notes.

It starts with a neon pink Post-It on the fridge early one morning.  The first note is nothing special, just a simple:

drank the last of your milk, sorry.
xo D

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